Lavish House Design with Beautiful Views from Mauricio Fuertes

Saturday, March 5th, 2011 - new architecture concept
Casa Zen Mauricio Fuertes

Mauricio Fuertes devises a photograph of lavish house design with beautiful views and becomes an awesome scenic home at this area. Beautiful views of this house design can be seen at every side of this scenic home. Mauricio Fuertes was presents so many evidences how...

  • Casa Zen Mauricio Fuertes
  • Family Home Design
  • Lavish Private Residence
  • Scenic Home Plan

Royale Soft Armchair Furniture by Beaverhausen for INDERA

Friday, March 4th, 2011 - furniture design
Modern Armchair Furniture

INDERA manufacture offers modern armchair with soft armchair covers which is designed by Beaverhausen named Royale Armchair. This modern armchair furniture has soft armchair covers to give comfortable seating and elegant style. INDERA wants modern armchair as new collection for their manufacturer. Something new of...

  • Modern Armchair Furniture
  • Soft Armchair Covers
  • Royale Armchair- Beaverhausen for INDERA

Dining Room Lighting Modern Pendant Lamp of Fermetti Blub Lights

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 - stylish lamp creation
Pendant Lamp

Fermetti Blub Lights fulfill all what is needed of dining room lighting through cozy pendant lamp. Dining room lighting needs to be concern carefully because with perfect shades of dining room lamp, you will enjoy your mealtime. This lamp made of wood material to offer...

  • Pendant Lamp
  • Wooden Hanging Pendant Lamp
  • Modern Pendant Lamp
  • Contemporary Pendant Lamp

Classic Chair Design of FurnID Frost Chair for Stouby

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 - furniture design
FurnID-Stouby Frost Chair

FurnID Frost Chair is classic chair design with sculptural form of curved chair and presented for Stouby. FurnID Frost Chair made of combination of upholstered shell, wooden legs with curved design and sculptural form. Curved chair was made to maintain elegant and sophisticated of classic...

  • FurnID-Stouby Frost Chair
  • Curved Chair
  • Classic Chair Design

Green Healthy School of Gen 7 Portable School Classrooms

Green School

Gen 7 School is a portable school completed by portable classrooms which is designed as green school to be a healthy school and safety for children. Gen 7 School combines portable school and green school to give comfortable for children to study and play. Green...

  • Green School
  • Portable School Activity
  • Portable Classroom
  • Healthy School
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